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Who are we ? Madame Monsieur Agency


We do not have a magic recipe and we all make “good” websites, but the added value of Mme & Mr is this privileged relationship, support and collaboration that will guarantee the success of your project! But above all the guarantee of the adequacy between your needs / objectives and the work carried out by us.

There are a host of reasons to choose Mme & Mr Agency. But the first is that it “matches” between us.
The better our team is, the better our results will be to reach your goals!


1 Only digital agency

The personalized and unique service of a `` boutique `` marketing agency, with the support of an international multi-cap group in the background.


Human +++

A highly motivated human team. No turnover with us! You have the assurance that your contact will follow you over time. We love our ITDMeurs and they give us back!



The proximity of teams located in Alsace, Belgium, Quebec, Portugal, and soon in Argentina. We are very close to you!


Tech + Design Love

The LOVE of our profession makes us true professionals, focused on a single goal: yours. True Growth Management enthusiasts, we create and execute for your business as if it were our own.


Entrepreneurial spirit

Our chef Mickaël Deraed is a serial-startupper who set up his first business at the age of 18… Entrepreneurial success is in his veins, plus agility and flexibility.

The icing on the cake

Who are we ? Madame Monsieur Agency

Creativity + -

We are constantly looking for new recipes to offer your project a customization and originality that suits you.

Technical + -

Essential in the preparation of your project, our team has the appropriate pot and spoon to make your custom recipe a success.

Artificial intelligence + -

This little hint of magic that our team will be happy to add in a pinch to the creation of your website, for example.

The taste of service + -

Thanks to the Agile method, our objective is to provide you with a top-of-the-range service. We accompany you from appetizer to dessert.

Follow the adventures of Mme&Mr

The team

Madame et Monsieur Agency: Aude madame


Madame et Monsieur Agency: Join our team

Your you of the future

Madame et Monsieur Agency: Digital strategy creation Monsieur


Madame et Monsieur Agency: Nadia web referrer


Madame et Monsieur Agency: Popcorn Monsieur

Pop Corn

Madame et Monsieur Agency: Théodora Web editor


Madame and Monsieur Agency: Hugo commercial


Madame et Monsieur Agency: Salomé Graphic Designer


Madame et Monsieur Agency: Valentin Commercial


Madame et Monsieur Agency: Julie marketing project director


Our methodology


Generate permanent traffic to your site by making sure the user finds you


Convert your traffic by giving the user a good first experience


Retain your customers. A returning customer is a won over customer!


Create prescribers for your products


Generate income and increase your ROI

The gastronomy of the digital strategy

Falling into the magic potion of growth marketing in 2012, the expert marketers at Ms. & Mr. Agency compete in inventiveness to serve your growth. Succumb to the temptation of our diverse and varied growth hacking menus that will make you the next in-brand with a strong market share.