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Blog2 minutes to understand the difference between digitization, digital transformation and digital transformation
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2 minutes to understand the difference between digitization, digital transformation and digital transformation

Digitalization Vs Digital transformation Vs Digital transformation …

You surely see these terms passing regularly on the web given that since the advent of the digital age, they are more and more used in all directions without knowing what we are talking about.

We ourselves have been talking to you about it for a while in view of the Digital Transformation Label that we recently obtained. You can also find all the information on this subject in video HERE.

But ultimately, very few large companies can boast of using digital technology wisely (3% of the largest French companies). These buzzwords are often used the wrong way and there is something to get tangled up in the brushes.

Let’s see what it is for you! Do you really know what is the difference between all his expressions?

Explanation in 2 minutes flat!

Each century has its own revolution! In the 19th century, we spoke of the industrial revolution which profoundly changed society at that time, today we speak of the digital revolution or even the digital revolution. And this goes largely through the digital transformation of companies.

But what does this mean exactly?


Digitization and digital transformation

Digital tools have been around for a long time now. The appearance of the computer has resolutely transformed our lives and our ways of working in particular. And the first computer to have seen the light of day dates back to 1946! And yes, that much. It was already a great revolution at the time. Like the first cell phone in 1983, the appearance of email in 1965, or the ability to digitize a document that dates back to 1971 with the creation of Project Gutenberg, you know, the first free electronic library.

All of these inventions are digital tools that have participated in the digital transformation of our society.

In the business world and with the tools Word, Excel, Outlook, Zoom, Asana etc … These are all new ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) which are disrupting the functioning of the company and which together tend to increase the growth of the latter.


Digital transformation VS Digital transformation

However, when we talk about digitization or digital transformation, we go beyond the concept of these new technologies. Because we are directly touching the business model of companies and our working methods which are upset.

In this logic, we digitalize our companies by using all these digital tools to change our working methods and improve our productivity in particular.

How? ‘Or’ What ?

Because digitalization is transforming our modes of collaboration:

  • Disappearance of the company’s physical boundaries: With the democratization of teleworking, we can clearly see that it is increasingly possible to work remotely without being physically present “in the company”. And this, thanks to many tools and new means of communication allowing us to meet by videoconference, to organize ourselves virtually thanks to online project management software, or to manage our work thanks to word processing tools. and others.
  • Immediacy and automation: Thanks to digital, everything is faster. We even speak of instantaneity, of live. This saves precious time and makes it easier to organize. Some tasks can also be automated using dedicated tools to make our lives easier.
  • Dematerialization and mobility: More than ever with the explosion in the use of smartphones and tablets, work is now accessible within reach from anywhere and at any time. This means that we adapt the tools and technologies to the devices used in order to find information wherever we are, even offline if necessary, on our phone or tablet to any what time of day. This is in order to be able to work on a file on the plane, in the metro or to make the most of your time in a waiting room by checking your emails for example.


Digital transformation at the service of digital transformation

To keep it simple, let’s remember a principle:

Digitization = Digitize documents and tools to have them on our screens

Digitization = The way we use these technological and digital tools to simplify processes.

Digital transformation for companies therefore defines the process of integrating all digital and digital technologies available within their services.

It is thanks to the digital transformation or revolution that we are now witnessing the digital transformation of companies or their digitization. So the two terms can be used here to mean the same thing. But not all companies are going digital systematically on the pretext that digital is omnipresent.

Indeed, digital transformation also involves the human aspect. All company stakeholders must be trained and prepared for the digital transformation in order to be able to implement it effectively and derive the best profitability from it. They must be able to accept the change and integrate new working methods into their daily lives over the long term in order to see real change.

We will come back in more detail on how to digitize your business in the next article of this blog, so stay on the stove because it will be on your plate very soon !!

In the meantime, follow us on our networks to know everything about digital news!


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