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These companies that have succeeded thanks to growth hacking

We have covered the subject of Growth Hacking over and over again through our blog articles that I invite you to find HERE or there to find out more if you have just arrived in our universe;)
In preview, also find our very first Ebook on the subject of which we are not little proud it must be said 😀.

Find an example of a company that has succeeded thanks to Growth Hacking to illustrate our point.
This article completes this part with more examples on the subject to inspire the genius within you.

However, we certainly know all the companies mentioned in this article. But many of them were not immediately successful. Thus, it took their creators a good dose of creativity and inventiveness to stand out from the crowd and stand out. Finally, the Growth Hacking techniques used that we are going to explain to you right away, how many of them would have become what they are today?

The aces of growth hacking

Hotmail, The precursors

A story well known to Growth marketers, since it would be the 1st big Hack in the history of Growth Hacking. Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia, two former employees of Apple decided in 1996 to create the first free e-mail service on the web. Some say it was to get around the spying they suspected from their boss on their emails at work. But this revolutionary solution did not immediately meet with the success we know it to be. It took a while for the investor Timothy Draper to add a simple automatic signature at the end of the emails (“PS: I love you. Get your free email at Hotmail.”) For the company to take off. Indeed, virality and recommendation were powerful tools that allowed Hotmail to gain 1 million users in 6 months and then accumulate 12 million a year later.


Apple, copy or be inspired, there is only one step!

Irony of fate or revenge? Apple simply copied the idea of ​​Hotmail by sending the signature “Sent from my iPhone” when sending emails from your phone. The brand has clearly played on the sense of belonging of Maslow’s famous pyramid of needs that marketers know like the back of their hands.


Youtube, you had to think about it!

Youtube has done a great sleight of hand by giving people the ability to embed youtube videos on their blogs and sites. This improvement has really boosted the visibility and footfall of the platform. Not stupid !


Airbnb, the legend

The Airbnb example was mentioned in our Ebook. And for good reason. Airbnb is probably the most cited company as an example of a successful Growth Hacking strategy. Why ? Because she used amazing strategies to grow and grew in popularity quickly after a tough start. It was by posting Airbnb classifieds on the Craiglist site (the American equivalent of “The Good Corner”) that the creators of the young startup came up with the brilliant idea. This technique allowed them to considerably increase the traffic to their site. As a result, as soon as an ad was posted on Airbnb, it was automatically published on the high-audience American site.


Dropbox, recommendation as a key word

Dropbox used a scheme similar to a sponsorship system. This one, offering the possibility for people to earn up to 16 GB of additional storage space by inviting their friends to join the platform. A proven method!


Sometimes questionable techniques

Reddit, bordering on legality

The technique developed by Reddit at its inception has been widely criticized, deemed unethical or unfair. The founders created fake profiles to distribute a lot of content giving the impression that the site was very popular.
It is a questionable technique of course, but it nevertheless worked for the American community website. And which clearly shows how Growth Hacking can lie at the frontiers of legality and respect for consumers.


Pinterest, all means are good

The social network for its part decided to entrust the creation of attractive and desirable content by qualified people. Thus, the accounts of new users are configured to automatically follow a few of these people. This inevitably gives them more desire to stay on the platform because they have access to great quality content. In addition to acquiring new users, this hack also allows the retention of the latter. Well done on the part of the social giant.

Your turn ! I hope you liked these examples and could inspire you!
If you want to know more about it, don’t hesitate to contact us or better yet, get our ebook on Growth Marketing!
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